Roxie with Jade

Track Listing

  1. More-Diana Kaarina_3:47
  2. Logo/Explosion-John Powell/John Debney_0:29
  3. A Walk In The Sunshine/Into The Sunset-John Powell/John Debney_6:03
  4. Roxie & Jade-John Powell/John Debney_0:32
  5. Opening Travel Music-John Powell/John Debney_2:23
  6. When All Your Friends Are Gone/Crash-John Powell/John Debney_3:44
  7. Bev’s Painful Demise-John Powell/John Debney_1:25
  8. Time For Bed-John Powell/John Debney_1:27
  9. Jade Tries To Relax-John Powell/John Debney_1:50
  10. Meteor Shower-John Powell/John Debney_2:44
  11. Frolicking In Pawtucket-John Powell/John Debney_3:30
  12. Edie/Didi-John Powell/John Debbey_0:45
  13. The Prophecy-John Powell/John Debney_1:39
  14. The Journey-John Debney_2:15
  15. Posse Plan-John Powell/John Debney_3:28
  16. The Bridge-John Powell/John Debney_3:23
  17. My Feet Are Sweaty/Running From The Lava-John Powell/John Debney_2:56
  18. New Loves-John Powell/John Debney_4:52
  19. Day 2-John Powell/John Debney_3:03
  20. Magnets-John Powell/John Debney_1:33
  21. Eletrical Storm-John Powell/John Debney_2:54
  22. Back In The Game-John Powell/John Debney_1:26
  23. Checking Out The Cave-John Powell/John Debney_3:46
  24. Glacier Field-John Powell/John Debney_2:03
  25. Big Smelly Crack-John Powell/John Debney_3:10
  26. Wild Ride-John Powell/John Debney_1:59
  27. Escape-John Powell/John Debney_4:46
  28. Did You Forget?-John Powell/John Debney_1:34
  29. Sealing The Volcano-John Powell/John Debney_2:55
  30. Petula’s Posse Join The Mission-John Powell/John Debney_3:15
  31. Roxie’s Moment-John Powell/John Debney_3:31
  32. Home At Last-John Powell/John Debney_4:09
  33. Epilogue-John Powell/John Debney_4:47
  34. Credits (Inverno)-John Powell/John Debney_3:18
  35. Deleted Scene-John Powell/John Debney_0:59

List Of Songs Not Listed On The Soundtrack

  1. Bad-Michael Jackson_4:11
  2. Figaro-Diana Kaarina_1:40
  3. Chasing The Sun-Wanted_3:19
  4. Friends-Blake Shelton_3:07
  5. I Don’t Wanna Know-Maroon 5_3:34
  6. Best Part-Daniel Caesar/H.E.R_3:29
  7. Don’t Play That Song-Aretha Franklin_3:05
  8. Sho’ You Right-Barry White_3:59
  9. Dancing With Myself-Billy Idol_3:24
  10. Zero-Imagine Dragons_3:30
  11. Safe & Sound-Capital Cities_3:13
  12. I Only Want To Be With You-Dusty Springfield_2:37
  13. Find Yourself-Brad Paisley_4:10
  14. What About Us?-Pink_4:31
  15. Africa-Weezer_4:04
  16. Let’s Get Loud-Bethany Brown_6:27
  17. Despicable Me-Pharrell Williams_1:50
  18. Yellow-Coldplay_4:29
  19. Intermezzo (Manon Lescaut)-John Powell/John Debney_5:02
  20. Underground-Tom Waits_1:58
  21. Say You Won’t Let Go-James Arthur_3:31
  22. Uptown Girl-Billy Joel_3:23
  23. Eye Of The Tiger-Survivor_0:24
  24. SexyBack-Justin Timberlake_4:26
  25. Break My Stride-Matthew Wilder_3:16
  26. To The Sky-Owl City_3:41
  27. Home-Phillip Phillips_3:35
  28. Scars To Your Beautiful-Alessia Cara_5:11
  29. For Once In My Life-Stevie Wonder_2:54
  30. Scream-CeeLo Green_3:42

Trailer Song

  1. I Like Me Better-Lauv_3:17