Trip Hamston (originally named Trip Hamsta[1]) is a male hamster and one of the main characters of Littlest Pet Shop: A World of Our Own. He is a daredevil and fancies himself as a rapper.

He is voiced by Travis Turner.


Trip is a determined risk taker. He views himself as cool and often tries to stay on top of the latest trends in Pawtucket. Once in a while, he may come off as a little bit self-centered, but ultimately cares more about the well-being of his friends and other pets.

Despite being adventurous and zealous, Trip tries to be patient with his more hesitant best friend, Quincy.

Physical Appearance

Trip has long fur that's brownish-red with splotches of white on his snout, chest, and legs.


Quincy Goatee

Trip and Quincy are best friends, and are seen doing several activities together, such as skydiving. They are also roommates, as revealed in Sleepless in Paw-Tucket.



  • Not only is Trip unimpressed by scary stories - he's also great at telling them, and ends up terrifying all of his friends in Spooky Tails.
  • Trip owns at least one backup phone, lest anything bad happen to his real phone. [3]
  • Trip was a CEO for a while, but that didn't last very long. He ended up handing the position over to Manny Mouser. [4]


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