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Sweetie Pom Pom is one of Petula's friends. She is voiced by Brittney Wilson.


Sweetie's name greatly contradicts her personality. Being part of Petula's posse, she's sassy, snarky, and very unfriendly.

She gets a big kick out of bullying other pets, perhaps even more so than the other members of Petula's group. This is showcased in Four Left Feet: Sweetie finds out Jade's secret of being unable to land on her feet, which Roxie accidentally let slip. Sweetie tells Roxie that the only way she won't post Jade's secret online is if Roxie publicly humiliates herself by announcing that she ate her owner's Spanish homework, and is a very, very bad dog.

Physical Appearance

Sweetie is covered in fluffy tan fur, with her head, tail, and joints being especially poofy. Her eyebrows, ruff, and the underside of her tail are all honey coloured. Her ears appear to be quite small, but they might just be buried underneath all of her fur. She has long eyelashes, and is sometimes drawn with her fangs poking out of her mouth.


Petula Woolwright

Petula is a very close friend of Sweetie's, and they like to bully pets with each other. They are often seen doing activities together, such as in The Wheel Deal, where they go to the carnival together.


  • Sweetie has a heavy Southern accent.


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