Surprise! Paw-Zombies! is the 47th episode in season 1 of Littlest Pet Shop: A World of Our Own.[2]


Roxie arranges a surprise birthday party for Jade, based on Jade's favorite movie, "Mid-Morning of the Paw-Zombies"; the idea is to make Jade believe that Paw-Tucket is deserted, except for a few zombified pets.



The episode begins with Jade in her apartment watching "Mid-Morning of the Paw-Zombies". She then turns the TV off and tries to take a nap, but the sunlight keeps her awake. She asks Roxie to close the curtains, but she gets no answer. She calls her name two more times, but she still gets no answer.

Then it switches to Jade walking through the park, which there were no pets in sight. All she found was a melting ice cream cone and a swinging window. She decides to keep going, but Quincy abruptly runs up to her. They both scream as Jade jumps into the air and Quincy faints. Jade then asks where the rest of the pets were. The goat replies by saying that a green fog came into town and turned everyone it came into contact with into paw-zombies. He was about to say that if one of them hits a non-zombie on the nose, but Jade stops him and finishes the sentence. The goat says that the remaining pets escaped via the Paw Arc and that the Paw-Zombies were leaving town. Then he points out a group of zombies, the zomb-i-fied members of The Scrappers walking nearby. Jade notices them and says that this reminds her of "Mid-Morning of the Paw-Zombies". The goat then immediately runs out via the Paw Arc, but he tells Jade that she needs to go to the Nocturnal Nightclub. Jade, however, doesn't listen and instead goes her own way. Quincy then peeks out and laughs that Roxie's plan is going just as it was planned.(cameo)


In Canada, "Surprise! Paw-Zombies!" premiered on November 11, 2018 on Treehouse TV at 5:32 PM.[3] In the United States, the episode was released on iTunes and Google Play thirteen days before it was scheduled to premiere on December 15, 2018 on Discovery Family at 12:00 PM EDT.[4]


This episode has been skipped in Turkey.


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