Shug Gliderman is a minor character and one of Bev's many friends. He's an extreme sportsman as well as a pilot[1].


Shug first appears in Bev on the Edge, where Bev sets out to dive off of Eagle's Peak in an attempt to impress him. While Bev tells Edie, Roxie, and Jade who Shug is, a small montage plays that shows him surfing huge waves and climbing rocky mountains. Much later in the episode, Shug congratulates Bev on her "dive" after he gracefully glides down from the very top of Eagle's Peak.

Shug reappears in Biggest Fan, this time working as a pilot for Savannah Cheetaby's air ship.


Given Shug's passion for extreme sports, he must be very brave; At the same time, he can be careless and oblivious to risks. For example, in Biggest Fan, Shug actually puts the pets in greater danger by flying off to buy a part for Savannah's air ship, leaving Savannah, Quincy, and Bev with no pilot as they soar overseas.

Needless to say, though, Shug isn't a bad pet. In every interaction he's had with other characters, he hasn't been unfriendly even once.

Physical Appearance

Most of Shug's fur is a light, warm gray. He has a tan snout, and the fur on his chest and belly is white. There are three brown markings on his head: The middle marking points at his nose and extends all the way down the back of his head. The other two markings cover his eyes, and taper off behind his ears.

Shug's markings (back view)

What Shug's markings look like from behind.


  • Shug and Bev attend the same fitness class together, which is how they became friends.[2]


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