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Season Originally released
Season premiere Season finale
  Shorts October 4, 2017 April 25, 2018

Shorts (2017–18)

Spanish title Short Release date Released on
1 "¡Bienvenidos a Littlest Pet Shop!" "Welcome to the Littlest Pet Shop" October 4, 2017 YouTube
2 "¡Bienvenidos al crucero!" "Welcome to the Cruise Ship" October 11, 2017
3 "¡Bienvenidos a los apartamentos PetUltimate!" "Welcome to the PetUltimate Apartments" October 18, 2017
"¡Bienvenidos a los apartamentos de mascotas!" (Hasbro YouTube title)
4 "¡Bienvenidos al gimnasio!" "Welcome to the Fitness Center" October 25, 2017
5 "¡Bienvenidos al salón de belleza Shake 'n Dry!" "Welcome to the Shake 'n Dry Salon" November 1, 2017
"¡Bienvenidos al salón de belleza!" (Hasbro YouTube title)
6 "¡Bienvenidos al estadio Paw-Tucket!" "Welcome to Paw-Tucket Stadium" November 8, 2017
"¡Bienvenidos al estado Paw-Tucket!" (Hasbro YouTube title)
7 "¡Bienvenidos a la clase de spinning!" "Welcome to Spin Class" November 15, 2017
"¡Bienvenidos a la clase de bici fija!" (Hasbro YouTube title)
8 "¡Bienvenidos a la posada Chill-Out!" "Welcome to Chill-Out Inn" November 22, 2017
"¡Bienvenidos al hotel de hielo!" (Hasbro YouTube title)
9 "¡Bienvenidos al parque Paw-Tucket!" "Welcome to Paw-Tucket Park" November 29, 2017
10 "¡Bienvenidos al parque de diversiones!" "Welcome to the Amusement Park" December 6, 2017
"¡Bienvenidos al parque de atracciones!" (Hasbro YouTube title)
11 "En busca de talento" "Talent Search" February 20, 2018
12 "¡Desembalaje en vivo!" "Unboxing Live" February 28, 2018
13 "¡Duelo de hip hop!'" "Hip-Hop Dance-Off!" March 7, 2018
14 "Entrevista con Mac Hedgyhog'" "Interview w/ Mac Hedgyhog" March 14, 2018
15 "¡Duelo de Bollywood!'" "Bollywood Dance-Off!" March 21, 2018
16 "Manny por la ciudad'" "Manny About Town" March 28, 2018
17 "¡Duelo de ballet!'" "Ballet Dance-Off!" April 4, 2018
18 "¡Duelo de patinaje artístico!'" "Ice Dance-Off!" April 11, 2018
19 "Entrevista con Savannah Cheetaby'" "Interview w/ Savannah Cheetaby" April 18, 2018
20 "¡Duelo de baile moderno!'" "Modern Dance-Off!" April 25, 2018


  • Shorts 1–10 contain a voice-over reading out the Latin American Spanish episode title, however shorts 11–20 only feature a voice-over reading "El show de media noche con Bev" (The midnight show with Bev).
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