Scoot Racoonerson is a raccoon who works at the carnival as a phony fortune teller. He isn't anybody's pet back in the human world, but got into Paw-Tucket by helping a pet and making their owner happy. He is a minor recurring character.


Scoot had a history of loitering around a house whose owner fed their dog on their porch, stealing its food. Knowing it would harm the dog if eaten, Scoot ate an old onion which had fallen out of the trash, to save the dog. The dog's owner said that he was glad he was never able to trap Scoot and drive him out to the country. Even though he isn't actually a pet, that got him into Paw-Tucket.


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When Scoot makes his debut in The Wheel Deal, he may come off as slightly unfriendly. This is seen when he first meets Jade, and the two of them do not get along at all. They had to ride in the same Ferris wheel car, and he referred to Jade by names like "princess" and "your highness" in response to her displeasure. But when the ride gets stuck and Scoot notices Petula and Sweetie laughing at Jade for being scared, he shows his true colors by defending her. He then shares the story of how he got into Paw-Tucket, fixes up the car they're sharing, and they both leave the ride as friends.

Scoot likes to collect garbage and shiny objects, like rocks and jewelry. He tends to "re-purpose" trash into something useful, either for himself or for other pets.

Physical Appearance

Scoot has a lot of unkempt fluffy fur all over him. His tail, cheeks, and the tuft of hair on his head are especially fluffy. His ears are quite pointy for a raccoon, and he has some flyaways near them. The insides of his ears are white.

Most of Scoot's body is gray, and he has a white underbelly, a white snout and cheeks, a white "outline" that highlights his mask, and a white tail with dark gray stripes. His mask is also dark gray, with long black eyebrows resting on top of it. His mask is quite long and extends all the way to his cheeks. His nose and all four of his paws are black. Scoot has long eyelashes and gold-yellow eyes.


  • Scoot may relish digging through trash, but he still cares about keeping himself groomed. In Four Left Feet, he tells Roxie that he rubs guacamole into his fur, because it makes it soft and shiny.


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