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Savannah Cheetaby is a vocalist, and presumably pop star, white cheetah in Paw-Tucket. She is voiced by Bethany Brown.



Surprisingly, Savannah seems to be quite shy. She says she loves talking with her fans - which is probably true - but in Biggest Fan, when Bev and Quincy try to ask her questions about herself, she answers using lines from past interviews. When Bev points this out and says she wants to know the real Savannah, she fidgets and says "Uh, the real me is..." She gets interrupted and never finishes that thought.

Savannah is clever and very dedicated to things that are important to her, like caring for her plants.

Physical Appearance

Savannah's physical appearance is tricky. Her original design had white fur and black markings. Her hair was bright blonde, and her paws and the insides of her ears were fuchsia. Sometimes she appears with her original black-and-white design, but other times, she has a new colour scheme.

In Savannah's new colour scheme, her main fur colour is pastel pink. Her spots, forehead marking, and the stripes under her eyes are still black. Her hair and the rest of her markings have been changed to a regular pink.

Savannah (new colour scheme)

Savannah's possible new design.

Savannah's pink design has appeared in a few episodes, like CEO Trip and Pitch Im-Purr-Fect. In Pitch Im-Purr-Fect, Savannah switches designs in-between scenes (see her gallery).

In Biggest Fan, Savannah painted herself moonlight violet and pink.

In Trip for the Record, The Eyes and Ears of Paw-Tucket and Get Her to the LPS, Savannah is painted night blue and green.


  • Savannah is allergic to hamsters. [1]
  • Savannah somehow knows how to fix and pilot air ships, which she explains by saying, "You don't get to the top without knowing a thing or two about blimps." She's also very knowledgeable in sailor lingo. [2]
  • It's possible that the artists change Savanna's fur colour depending on what special collection of LPS toys are out at the time of an episode's release. White fur for the Black and White series, pink for the Sweets series, sparkling blue/green and purple for the Galaxy series, and so on.


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