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Roman is a male Tibetan mastiff and a minor character in Littlest Pet Shop: A World of Our Own. He's a comedian and a magician, and he performs shows with his partner and friend Ray.

Roman can do magic, but it isn't exactly his strong point. He contributes to Ray's tricks, but his main focus is the comedy aspect of their shows.


Roman is goofy, relaxed, and jokey. As Bev pointed out, he's very good at connecting with the audience because of his outgoing nature.

Even though Roman is friendly, he has an inconsiderate side. For a while, he brushed off magic shows without his comedy act as "boring;" However, he overcame this mindset once he realized how much hard work Ray puts into her magic.

Roman is very glad to have Ray as a friend and appreciates everything she does for their duo.

Physical Appearance

Roman is covered in a coat of thick, shaggy fur. Most of his fur is brown - even the accents on his ruff, snout, and eyebrows are light brown. His ears are black, and the undersides of his paws are a very light, almost white, tan.

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