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Quincy Goatee is a male fainting goat and one of the main characters of Littlest Pet Shop: A World of Our Own.

He is voiced by Kyle Rideout.


Quincy is very timid. As he is a fainting goat, he screams and faints when he gets frightened, but recovers from it shortly after.

He doesn't like to take many risks and prefers the safety of doing many of the same things over again, but he still enjoys hanging out with the more adventurous Trip. Not only has Quincy opened up to trying new things since A Brave New Quincy, but in Clear the Fear, it's revealed that he really wants to work on being less anxious in general.

Physical Appearance

Quincy is covered in long, tan fur that hangs off of his cheeks, tail, and around his hooves. He has a thick ruff of brown fur on his neck, as well as some messy brown hair on his head. He has a light brown marking on top of his head that extends down his snout and "points" at his nose.


Trip Hamston

Quincy and Trip are best friends and roommates. They're often shown hanging out together at food stands or the arcade, and they like to go on adventures.



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