Petula and Sweetie: [Singing] We're gonna take your breath away! And blow your mind.

Gavin: [Singing] Ah, blow your mind.

Petula's posse: [Singing] We're gonna blow your mind.

Petula: And that is how you win the Paw-Tucket A Capella Competition every year.

Petula's posse: [Laughing]

Edie: They could say "Hello" and sound like they're bragging.

Quincy: You've gotta admit, though, Petula and those guys are awfully good. [Grunts]

Sweetie: Oh, look, a parakeet.

Gavin: Don't you mean, uhh, pair of geeks?

Petula's posse: [Laughing]

Gavin: So, Miss Drama Queen, you entering again this year?

Petula: Why would she baa-ther? Everyone knows we're the best singers.

Edie: As it happens, this year-

Sweetie: What? I can't hear you over the sound of my perfect voice! Later, non-winners.

Petula (off-screen), Sweetie, and Gavin: [Laughing]

Quincy: "As it happens, this year," what?

Edie: This year, I finally have the singers I need to win! Miss Roxie and Manny Mouser can totally bring it.

Quincy: I can bring it! I'm a goat who brings it. Y'know, musically speaking.

Edie: Really? You're that good?

Quincy: Well, ahah, not to ring my own bell, but all the animals back on the farm say I'm the best singer they've ever heard, e-ver. ...Ever, ever.

Edie: Fantabulous! [Gasps] Ohh, Quincy, Quincy, Quincy, this is my greatest test yet! [Inhales] I've got the arranging skills, I've got the choreography skills, I finally have the singers I need to win! [Inhales sharply] [Loudly sings a very high, clear note]

Quincy: AH!

Edie: ...Lessons learned: No high C's around Quincy.


Edie: Okay, dream team, who's up for a song by a little group called Purr and Pounce?

Manny: Ah! A polyphonic triumph!

Quincy and Roxie: Huh?

Manny: Um, "song look good."

Edie: A-one, two, a-one, two, three, four-

Roxie: [Rapping] 'Cause it's all love when we turn the beat on.

Manny: [Rapping] You know what's up when they're playin' our song!

Edie: [Rapping] Keepin' it wild, keepin' in style.

Quincy: [Rapping horribly] Keepin' it goin', yeah, we're goin' for a WHIIIILE!

Manny: ...Wow.

Quincy: I'll say, huh? How great was that? [Chuckles] [Grunts] Ahah!

Edie: Oh, uh- Y-y-y'know what I-I just thought of, Quincy, dear? Uh, with this harmony, we're going to need someone who, who truly gets music to run the mix board! [Chuckles nervously] Could you do that for us?

Quincy: Sure, hah!

Edie: Whew...

Quincy: I can run the mix board and sing at the same time! [Singing horribly] Let me show you, how to step it up. Mhm...

Edie: Oh...


Edie: [Grunts] Oh, this was supposed to be my year! Now I've got a yammering goat. Oh! What do I do with a goat-yammer?

Jade: If Quincy's singing was in my sandbox, I'd have to bury it.

Manny: Uh, o-our chances of winning with Quincy are smaller than my pinkie toenail. As a reminder, I am a mouse.

Roxie: I feel terrible for Quincy, but someone has to tell him he can't be in the group. It's going to be so unpleasant.

Manny: I vote for Edie.

Roxie: I vote for Edie!

Jade: I don't get a vote, but Edie.

Edie: [Gasps] Little old moi? Eh, you g- Ugh! Well... Shoot.


Quincy: Everypet's yapping about this food truck. You should taste what they do with leaves. [Munching]

Trip: ...No, I shouldn't.

Edie: Hey, eh, Quincy? E-excited about the big night? All of Paw-Tucket in the audience, hm? Watching us... Judging us... Judging you? It's kind of, uh, terrifying when you think about it. Have you thought about stage fright?

Quincy: I sure have.

Edie: [Sighs]

Quincy: But, I think I've got it beat! I do this exercise where I imagine the audience without their fur and feathers. [Laughs] I mean, not sure how it would work with an Egyptian Hairless cat, but, heh, I'll roll the dice on that. I-I've actually conquered a fear, Edie, and it's all thanks to you.

Edie: [Sighing] Oh...

Quincy: Wow... I kinda feel proud of myself.

Trip: So, Edie, what brings you here? If it's leaf salad, you can have mine.

Edie: I, uh... Eh, just wanted to tell Quincy that, uh, rehearsal is cancelled because... I... Wanted to focus on our scenery and could use your help...?

Quincy: Sure, what do you need?

Edie: Wh- uh, what do I need, u-um... A-an artificial palm tree, yes, and a... Giant cardboard cutout fire hydrant, and a comically large bird swing.

Quincy: [Chuckles] "comically large bird swing" is my middle name!

Edie: Oho, thanks, Quincy Comically Large Bird Swing Goatee! Gotta jet.


Roxie: [Singing] La la la la la, la la la la la, la la la la la- How did Quincy take the news?

Edie: He was surprisingly okay with it. And he's busy doing stuff with Trip, so I think he'll be fine. Shall we take it from the top? [Cell phone rings] Oh-! What did I say about calls during rehearsal?!

Roxie: Huh...?

Edie: Oh, heh, that's mine. Uh-oh... I, uh, have to go powder my beak.

Quincy (over the phone): [Laughs]

Edie: Hey, you two... I didn't expect to hear from you so quickly.

Quincy (over the phone): Trip is kind of a hoarder. Look at all this stuff, hohoh!

Edie: Greeeeaaat...

Quincy (over the phone): Where shall we put it?

Edie: Um... Why don't you meet me in the park?


Quincy: Ta-da!

Edie: [Nervously chuckling] Wow... You really did get everything.

Trip: So, anything else you wanna ask? Hmmm?

Edie: Um, eh... Yeah, there is. Can you build a mock-up of the set here in the park? So we can rehearse with the scenery?

Quincy: Ooooh, good idea!

Edie: Right? So - Take your time, make sure to get it exactly right.


Edie: [Panting] Okay, [gasp], whew, hah.

Roxie: Y'know, if you need to, we can always reschedule rehearsal.

Edie: No need, heh! We'll be great. Ugh, in five more minutes. Just need some mouthwash. Can't sing with birdseed breath!

Quincy (over the phone): Edie, it's starting to rain and the papier-mâché props are gonna melt. So, we're just gonna take them up to Roxie's apartment.

Edie: Great! Perfect idea! [To Roxie and Manny] We're moving rehearsal!


Edie: We need to get a feel for where we're performing. So, what better place to rehearse than right here in the amphitheater?

Roxie: [Rapping] 'Cause it's all love when we turn the beat on!

Manny: [Rapping] You know what's up when they're playin' our song.

[Alarm blaring]

Edie: Ugh! What now?!

[Second alarm starts beeping]

Unnamed maintenance bulldog: Gotta test the smoke detector, [third alarm starts beeping] and the flea detector, [fourth alarm starts beeping] and the bird lice detector, oh, gosh! [Fifth alarm starts beeping] And the mite detector.

Edie: We're moving rehearsal!


Manny: You expect us to sing in here? There's, uh, barely room to turn around.

Edie: Which makes it a perfect place. Great acoustics, no-

Manny: -Elbow room?

Edie: -Interruptions. [Inhales] Now, let's take it from the top-

Trip: Hey, Edie! The scenery wouldn't fit through the door of Roxie's apartment.

Quincy: So, we brought it here- What are you three doing here? Did we have a rehearsal I forgot about?

Roxie: Why does Quincy think he's missing rehearsal?

Quincy: Why does everypet think I'm not missing rehearsal?

[Small Transition]

Edie: I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have lied!

Quincy: Mm.

Edie: I just wanted to win so much, and even with great singers like Roxie and Manny, I made a total mess. And I really want to apologize to you, Quincy. You're my friend, and you deserved better than that.

Quincy: Tch. You're right, I did!

Edie: Wait, Quincy, come back!

Quincy: Hmph.

Edie: Do that again? [Gasp] Quincy! I've been so busy trying to keep you out of the group, I never realized what you could do for us in the group.

Quincy: Huh?


Petula's posse: [Singing] [Sweetie and Petula] Let me show you how to step it up. [Mitchell and Gavin] Let me show you how to step it up. [Sweetie and Petula] Come on, let me see you step it up. [Mitchell and Gavin] Come on, let me see you step it up!

[Audience cheering]

Edie: They're singing our song.

Roxie: Right before we sing our song!

Manny: That's song-napping!

[Audience cheering louder]

Petula: Top that, little bird.

Edie: Ignore them! They sang it first, but we're going to sing it better. We have Quincy!

[Small Transition]

Edie and Roxie: [Singing] Let me show you how to step it up!

Manny (And another off-screen pet?): [Singing] Let me show you how to step it up.

Edie and Roxie: [Singing] Come on, let me see you step it up!

Edie: [Rapping] Put your paws up. If you wanna dance, you can kick it with us.

Roxie: [Rapping] 'Cause it's all love when we turn the beat on.

Manny: [Rapping] You know what's up when they're playin' our song!

Edie and Roxie: [Singing] Let me show you how to step it up!

Manny and ???: [Singing] Let me show you how to step it up.

Savannah: [Cheering]

Edie and Roxie: [Singing] Come on, let me see you step it up!

Manny and Quincy: [Singing] Come on, let me see you step it up!

[Audience cheering]

Savannah: [Laughs] Woo-hoo-hoo! Woo-hoo, haha!


Quincy: We did it!

Quincy, Roxie, Edie, and Manny: [Cheering]

Sweetie: No way.

Petula's posse: [Muttering and grumbling]

Edie: I knew it! I knew the moment I heard Quincy have a hoof-storm. [Step it Up plays in the background] Yahoo, haha!
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