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Petula Woolwright is a female sheep that leads her own group of irritating pets. She serves as the main antagonist of the series and portrays the character traits of a minor bully. Though most of her "Misdeeds" end in the misfortune of others, she normally gets payback for her actions in the form of simple teases.


Petula is little bit cocky. She is not above debauchery, and will pay others to garner herself more tokens of victory, namely trophies. Petula can be seen as a bully to the other pets, and will take advantage of others to get what she wants.

She often punctuates the discontent of others with dismissive, 'sassy' one-liners.


Petula is a sheep with pastel purple wool. The fur under her wool is lilac, but it's so light that it's almost white. Her wool puffs out where they connect to her limbs, and thins out most nearing her back and neck. She does not have a stub tail. She has blue eyes and eye-shadow which matches her wool color. Her snout is round and small, with a pink nose. Her hooves are pale gray and almost black.


  • Seeing as Petula is considered a modern invented name, it's likely she's named such as a call to petulance, or being petulant.


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