The pets in Petula's posse are the primary antagonists of Littlest Pet Shop: A World of Our Own. The group consists of Petula Woolwright, who is unofficially the leader, Sweetie Pom Pom, Gavin Chamelle, and Mitchell Snailford.

They are essentially a group of bullies, as they parade through Paw-Tucket causing distress to other pets. They've done everything from simply discouraging and name-calling pets, to humiliation[1], to flat-out trickery and manipulation, pretending to be pets' friends only to turn on them later[2]. None of them are above cheating in order to get their way[3].

Each of the pets in the posse has a softer side and their own insecurities, even if they rarely show it. In all likelihood, none of them are completely bad through-and-through.

For example, even though Petula invited herself over to Roxie's slumber party in The Big Sleep-Over, she didn't do so with the intention of ruining Roxie's night; She just really hates not being invited to parties, and all the pets at the slumber party ended up having a blast with her.

And Gavin tries to hide away the fact that he's secretly quite nervous[4], as well as his interests in acting and pirates[5].

Seeing as bullies will be bullies, though, Petula's posse currently just aims to cause conflicts, and they aren't interested in making any friends. They enjoy getting a rise out of the pets in Paw-Tucket, not really caring whether or not other pets like them.


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