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Mister Yut is the fish responsible for managing commerce in Pawtucket. He is voiced by Vincent Tong. He is a Siamese fighting fish, more commonly known as a betta fish. He plays a fairly minor role in Littlest Pet Shop: A World of Our Own, despite the fact that his role was much bigger in the shorts.


Mr. Yut is not exactly the nicest pet. He is stubborn, exceedingly difficult to please, and often dismisses the feelings of other pets. In Pet, Peeved, for example, Mr. Yut pointed out that Roxie seemed stressed, but when she began to talk about what happened, he responded with "Ah, I see what's happening here. I sounded like I was interested in your problem! My mistake."

Since he runs the Littlest Pet Shop, Mr. Yut is very knowledgeable about the ins-and-outs of Paw-Tucket. In Homesick as a Dog, he was able to quickly provide Roxie with information about getting a new key off the top of his head.

Physical Appearance

Mr. Yut, like all bettas, has brilliant, vibrant scales. His main body and "arm fins" are crimson. His dorsal fin, tail fin, and the fins on his belly fade from crimson to blue.

While real bettas don't have whiskers, Mr. Yut has two thick whiskers by his mouth that resemble a moustache.


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