Millie McMallard is Edie's friend from drama class.[1] Edie had brought her along to Roxie's slumber party in The Big Sleep-Over.


Millie is an actress as well as a playwright, and frequently makes references throughout the episode to plays she is working on.

Some of the premises of her plays are quite grim, which attracts Jade's interest. The two of them never have many interactions together, though.

Millie makes another appearance in Model Behavior. This time, she's filming Bev and Roxie, and seems to be under the impression that she's filming a documentary.


Millie is passionate and very serious about her work writing plays. She is easily inspired by situations and pets around her, and is eager to incorporate that inspiration into her plays.

Like Edie, Millie is hammy and dramatic... But much unlike Edie, Millie's attitude is generally more reserved and subdued.

Physical Appearance

Millie looks like your standard mallard duck - all of her feathers are varying shades of soft brown. She has a white ring on her neck and white wing feathers, and the tip of her tail is black. Her beak is yellow, and her feet are orange.

She wears a big red beret and even bigger glasses, both of which are usually a bit crooked due to their size.



Not much is known about their friendship, but they became friends in drama class and clearly share an interest in things like acting, writing, and films.

Roxie and Bev

Roxie's slumber party really was a success, because Millie became friendly enough with these two to help them film promotional, informative videos about a fashion show.


  • Millie carries around a notepad to jot down any ideas that come her way.



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