Manny Mouser is a male fancy mouse and a minor recurring character in Littlest Pet Shop: A World of Our Own. He developed the Easy Cheesy phone app, which is designed to help mice find nearby cheese.


Manny is friendly and pleasant, but he can be awkward around other pets sometimes. This is especially apparent in CEO Trip, where he (excitedly) claims he has no friends. Regardless, he is still very polite towards others.

He's smart, a little bit nerdy, and is shown to have an interest in science and technology. He is determined and hard-working; Even after Harry Houndnose laughed at the idea of Easy Cheesy, Manny continued to work on and improve the app.

Physical Appearance

Manny's fur is mostly yellow, except for his snout and belly, which are white. He has a tuft of brown hair and wears big, thick-framed red glasses.


  • Following the creation of the Easy Cheesy app, Manny takes a CEO position at the end of CEO Trip. Whether or not this detail remains relevant is unknown.
  • Manny wants to study humans, as seen in the Manny About Town short. He forgoes questions Bev had written for him in favor of asking his own questions about humans to further his research.


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