Roxie "and then it sorta changed into a..." S1E15
"Well it started out as... and then it sorta changed into a... at this point I don't really know."
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Mac N' Cheese Hedgyhog, often called just Mac, is a hedgehog and a minor recurring character in Littlest Pet Shop: A World of Our Own. He's somewhat famous in the human world and even in Paw-Tucket for starring in cute videos where he dresses up in little costumes.

His first major appearance is in All Decked Out, where he joins the main group of pets in trying to act fancy for the dinner party. He has made cameos in several other episodes, like The Wheel Deal.


Not too much is known about Mac yet, except that he's a relaxed and friendly pet.

Physical Appearance

Mac's fur is a grayish-tan, and he has a brown spot on his snout. His spines go from pale pink to purple.


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