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Harry Houndnose, often called Mr. Houndnose, is a male bloodhound and a minor character in Littlest Pet Shop: A World of Our Own. He is a businessman as well as a judge on Pet-Centricity.


Mr. Houndnose is strict, commanding, and very difficult to impress. He is almost never shown being nice to other pets.

His harsh attitude towards others is seen throughout CEO Trip: When Trip was working for him, Mr. Houndnose wouldn't let him take breaks or spend time with his friends, demanding instead that he work on meetings and how to keep the Fly Wheel "fresh." He also laughed at Manny Mouser's business idea, and only approved of it when it was added as a new feature to the Fly Wheel.

Physical Appearance

Mr. Houndnose, like a real bloodhound, has short fur and loose, wrinkly skin. Most of his fur is dark gray, but his snout, cheeks, paws, and the tip of his tail are brown. His ears fade from gray to brown.

Mr. Houndnose's coat pattern is designed to resemble a suit. The white stripe that runs down his neck and chest is supposed to look like a white dress shirt underneath a dark gray jacket. The white rings on his wrists are the dress shirt's cuffs.


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