Bev:Ha! Yah... Yah! Mister Yut, I’ll take one of your green juice jumpstarter please! I need the energy for my “ Jiu jitzu for shih tzus “ martial arts class. Ha!

Jade: uh.. hate to break it to you, but shih tzus are dogs and spoiler alert, your’e not .

Bev: I got into the jiu jitzu class through sheer passion! I’m already training for my purple belt. A symbol of skill and invincibility, and it really brings out my eyes.

Edie: I’ve got exciting news too. My art piece has chose to be in tonight’s “ media mash- up” eco- art show.

Roxie: Edie, congrats! I can’t wait... to find out what eco- art is.

Edie: It’s art made from re- used material. I hope you all can come. I’ve put my heart, soul, and newspaper Shreddings from my cage into this project.

Quincy: Whoo.. first off huge congrats. Second, I really hope that newspaper isn’t, um, “ used”

Roxie: Ugh! Yuck!

Edie: I know you’re the busy beaver of turtles, Bev, but I really hope you can be there.

Bev: Trust me, I wouldn’t miss your art show for the world! After all, you’ve always been there to support me.

( In a flash back)

Edie: Happy birthday! Happy turtle day! Happy greeting card day!

( real life)

Bev: Count on me Edie,I’ll be there,Jiu jitzu, eco- art show. I’m on it!

( transition)

Bev: ha, hiya! Hiya... oops!

Flamingo: Bev, any chance you know the tango? My recital is today, but my dance partner is sick. Bird flu. Poor thing doesn’t have a leg to stand on, which is a problem for a flamingo.

Bev: tango, eh? Ballroom style or Argentin? Ah, it doesn’t matter, my feet are fluent in both!

Flamingo: Great, can you get there early so we can practice?

Bev: Fraid’ not. I’m on my way to jiu jitzu. Ha! I’ll practice a few steps while I’m there. See ya at your recital!

Bev: hiii ya! Ha! Iya! Ohhhh.....

Mayor perrito: Bev! Fancy running into you, also a little painful. Are you still planning to help out at the charity “ shell wash n’ wax” this afternoon? We’re counting on you to shine a lotta shells!

Bev: Oh right, the wash and wax. I’ll be there. Jiu jitzu training. Tango recital. Shell wax and Edies art show. I’m on it!

Mayor perrito: Thank you bev!

chinchilla: Yoo hoo, bev! Thanks for volunteering to work at today’s bake off! I’m launching my new line of treats. Pets go mad for my rose-hip cupcakes. You’ll be there, oui?

Bev: of course! I mean.. oui! Jiu jitzu. Tango. Shell wax. Bake off. And then Edie’s art show! The frosting on the multilayer cake!

Chinchilla: Ooh, you made a baking joke! ( Laughing) remember to bring frosting.

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