Carmilla Wingbat is a minor recurring character in Littlest Pet Shop: A World of Our Own. She is a fruit bat, and even though her specific species is never revealed, she closely resembles flying foxes. She works for the theater in Paw-Tucket.


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Carmilla debuted in Pet Side Story, where she is seen working as stagehand for Paw-Tucket's theater. She felt obligated to do this because, according to her, bats are supposed to stay in the shadows and out of the spotlight.

Edie and Jade were not thrilled about this because Carmilla has stage smarts; She memorizes lines and blocking quickly, has great line delivery, and has a wonderful singing voice. They came up with the idea of getting Carmilla up on stage as an actress, and all the other pets were happy to go along with that plan.

Thanks to compassion and encouragement from everyone, Carmilla is now works as an actress and takes care of important backstage prep.


Carmilla is courteous and pleasant, and is a hard worker. She is extremely anxious, especially when talking to other pets, and tends to flee situations that ramp up her nerves. She doesn't think positively of herself at all and is very apologetic.

Carmilla experiences stage fright, but quickly overcomes it when she gets wrapped up in her role.

Physical Appearance

Carmilla has fluffy dark purple fur with a lavender "mask" on her face. Her ruff and hair are a light shade of lilac. The insides of her large ears are pink, and her nose is brown. Her wings and feet are an even darker grayish-purple, and the claws on her feet are always visible.


  • Carmilla normally speaks in a very quiet voice, but this doesn't stop her from articulating her lines well when she acts.
  • Carmilla, unlike real flying foxes, has the ability to use echolocation.


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