Beverly "Bev" Gilturtle is a female box turtle and one of the main characters of Littlest Pet Shop: A World of Our Own. She is the host of the Paw-Tucket Welcome Shorts, after getting Mister Yut's begrudging permission.

She is voiced by Rhona Rees.


Bev is peppy, friendly, and outgoing; often joining in to help her friends' issues, whether it'd be advice or direct involvement. While generally a good-natured turtle, she can get on her friends' nerves with her various shortcomings. Her welcome short self-advertising can be seen as excessive, especially by Jade or Mister Yut, who see little charm in the videos.

Physical Appearance

Bev has smooth blue scales, a stumpy pointed tail, and darker blue-green claws. Her shell is purple with a pastel pink underbelly and yellow swirls decorating its surface. Following the Littlest Pet Shop design trend for reptiles, she has two slits for nostrils on her snout, and two lines for eyebrows on her head.


Roxie McTerrier

Roxie approaches Bev the most, although group efforts typically involve her.

Savannah Cheetaby

Bev has an obsession with Savannah. Both Savannah and her band members seem to look down upon Bev's inability to sing as revealed in a short.

Clicks Monkeyford

Through filming the shorts, Bev is shown to get into antics which Clicks tolerates silently. He willingly joins her in the filming of each Paw-Tucket short, supporting her from behind the camera.



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